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PUBLIC LIBRARY, Daegu, Sputh Korea
Job sheet

What is the inside of a book like? One possible approach to the Public Library in Jerez is to imagine the inside of a book: that conceptual space defined by its edges, in which diverse planes or pages are intertwined; a recipient that can create an interior world with a life of its own, where light enter like the interior of a vase.

A place in which each person is a letter, similar and different from the others, acquires sense and meaning. In which the spaces are like pages, similar in form but different in content, intertwined, like a book, constantly revealing the next one. A book seen from within is almost a cubist book, where forms are unmade only to be remade later one. Where space opens outwards and also inwards. Where the boundaries between interior and exterior disappear to form part of the city. Where plans unfold and intertwine.

So similarity and difference, order and flexibility, variations and restrictions all become and abstract approach to the world of culture, but also to the material, concrete world of architecture, identifying themselves. But this idea can only take the form of a fashion… correctly resolving the issues related to function, construction, structure, energy, traffic, security, the urban  surroundings, the environment in harmony with the city…

This proposal arises from two considerations; in the first place, understanding the importance of the facade as a foreground and background to the library site and the secondly, taking up the radical change to the direct link between the "green belt" and the surrounding area. To resolve that, we try to merge the library volume with the buildings next it. and  we create a movement in the facade, where the trees of the "green belt" carved the facade vertically, creating a game of subsidence and outgoing. One of the most powerful, is that the building conforms to all existing trees, without demolishing any existing green area, adapting to the geometry that is between those green masses.

One of the main ideas of the project is to create lighting courtyards inside the project. These light wells are oriented according to the inclinations and altitudes more unfavorable winter solstice, with the aim of introducing the lighting in the most unfavorable days. These lighting courtyards are open and intersect each other creating voids. They are also organizing elements of the stations in both plan and section, reflecting themselves in the facade.

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