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Office Building for G.C., Spain.


We insert the new barracks building right in the most unfavorable site, geometrically speaking, of the plot, but where it has more visual predominance because it is located in the area closest to the accesses to Santa Marta de Tormes. The office building will have three floors above ground and one below ground, where the last floor will be used for two houses that the program determines should be built in the first phase.

The three floors of the building have different geometries to create an interplay of volumes, which, to the outside view and perception, seem as if they were inserted one with the other. Actually the first and second floors, their geometry is the same but placed symmetrically and rotated one with respect to the other, and the third floor acquires a cutout on the second On the ground floor there are two independent entrances, one of them exclusively for access to an elevator that leads to the apartment floor so that you do not mix with the public that goes and works in the official premises, and other general access. Said access necessarily passes through the Door Control, which is located in a strategic position of the building, for reasons of perimeter control of the area, having a high degree of vision of the public that accesses the building, as well as of the vehicles that may access the enclosure and garage. This floor is divided into three areas with a common center which is the vertical communication core, formed by a staircase.

Finally, it should be noted that the image of the building is based on creating voids of a vertical proportion from floor to ceiling in all those spaces that require lighting, while in the work and office spaces themselves large windows are created, which remain, for on the one hand, framed by a small 50 cm projection around its perimeter, and on the other hand, protected by horizontal anodized aluminum slats, lacquered in the corporate green color

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