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New Quartering for G.C., Spain.


The objective of this project is to achieve a unified image of the complex formed by the two buildings that make up the Cambados Civil Guard Barracks despite the different formal and functional requirements of the uses for which they are intended. To achieve this, two buildings are proposed with a clear volumetric composition and a choice of common construction and finishing materials. The different functional requirements of each of them are reflected in the composition of the façade openings and their relationship with the immediate surroundings, the office building more compact and hermetic and the housing building more open and with intermediate spaces. We proceed to describe both buildings in more detail.

Volumetrically, it starts from a homogeneous parallelepiped that is progressively transformed into successive floors, creating cutouts and voids of 1.70 meters deep, in such a way that a volumetric set of recesses and projections is created, which accentuate the endowment character of the building and frame the access area very clearly. That same volumetric game is carried to the elevation of the building, framing all the openings provided with a change of material that will have a different tonality and texture from the rest of the façade. The openings provided in the façade have been dimensioned to guarantee the privacy that the intended uses demand and to control the incidence of sunlight, avoiding unwanted reflections inside, which will be reinforced by the arrangement of blinds inside. A homogeneous dimensioning of the openings is proposed based on a square geometry that will be executed with metallic carpentry of the same color as the material of the façade that frames them, to enhance a homogeneous image of these panels.

The residential building is configured as a solid volume to which the body with the terraces of the houses that act as a filter between the gardens of the pazo and the new buildings of the barracks of the Civil Guard, helping to control its scale and reducing the impact that its presence can generate.

This body of terraces occupies the entire north façade and part of the east and west façades, creating a game of "S", in which both the structure and the constructive solution of the enclosure will participate. These terraces fly over the 170 cm massive volume, wide enough to allow their use and contribute to the solar control of the interior spaces. This body of terraces goes around the east and west facades as well as the openings that illuminate the rooms and allow their continuity with the exterior terrace.

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