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60 rent units, Spain.


The challenge that arises in the project is not only to create simplistic and standard rental housing that satisfies certain sustainability associations, but rather that excellence is sought and responding to the problem through design. To do this, we fleshed out the corner of the building to create a directionality towards the public space in such a way that the building acquires a “look” towards the urban environment, closing on its sides and giving them a cantilevered volume with zig-zag geometry, the which responds to the casuistry of solemnity. This zig-zag is repeated on both facades but in a different way, closing or opening to the most favorable orientation, but maintaining a compositional unity in the project.

A horizon is beginning to be proposed in which the building parameters are calculated based on the degree of sustainability of the projected buildings. The obligation to project homes with natural cross ventilation, with facing facades, already forces us to work on typologies with a good design base, where we begin to glimpse building horizons close to the concept of buildings with almost zero consumption (nZEB). It is in the construction of public rental housing where the reduction of the energy demand of the building is urgently needed. The project that is described here tries to be a model for this new stage that starts in the promotion of public housing. A model in which quality and comfort prevail, compared to alternatives still anchored in the old design paradigms of the formal model.

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