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Civil Guard Headquarter, Spain.


The construction of three new isolated buildings on the plot is proposed, which will replace and expand the needs program that currently exists. On the one hand, a single-storey building will be built for parking, in which its roof will also be used as a parking lot to provide enough spaces for vehicles that the new Barracks needs. On the other hand, a building will be created exclusively for official offices, whose program of needs is specified below, and finally, a high-rise building will be built to house the residential pavilions.

The office building is structured as a "memory" of the old pavilions, that is, formally speaking, it acquires the same slopes in plan as the buildings that will be demolished, but its blades are modified and change on the different floors. for greater formal and spatial enrichment of the plot. Unlike the current buildings, this building is configured as a single unit or volume, for a better internal operation, since the division of the dependencies that currently exists is not valid due to its poor functionality.

The residential building is inserted in the plot parallel to the official dependencies building, leaving between the two a space as a parade ground. The project, geometrically, is conceived as a succession to another scale of the dependency building, but adapting it to its use as housing; that is to say, its geometry is simplified to order the dwellings and insert them in a functional way, but it acquires the same inclinations in plan as the official dependencies building, in such a way that a formal dialogue is created between both.

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