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Police Office extension, Spain.


The solution adopted is mainly based on creating a volumetrically solid body that is attached to the existing building from the back, which will act as a backdrop to the current building in the main view from the access. The building is located entirely on the plot, creating a setback of three meters on the first floor and 4.40 meters on the ground floor on the southern boundary. The building has been configured volumetrically from the implantation of the maximum solid based on the available surface and that was given in the needs program. This maximum volume is suffering in certain areas, some folds of the facade to create certain shadow points and give a certain dynamism to the volume, with the aim of breaking the rotundity of the built mass. By having a practically triangular plot (by incorporating the mandatory setbacks in the main façade), it makes the building in its triangular corner, lose a lot of surface and remain unusable spaces; For this reason, the solution is chosen not to complete the building in said corner, except in the basement, also leaving a setback of 7.80 meters at this point. In turn, said corner, volumetrically, is "broken" to produce a more accentuated view from the street.

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