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Civil Guard Headquarter, Spain.


The project is presented as a series of volumes that are governed by a structural grid that adapt to both the plot and the existing topography on it. These volumes are collected in three units: the official offices, the houses and the volume of storage rooms and parking, which will connect the two. These three volumes act as a perimeter fence for the plot, creating an interior parade ground, allowing “the cantilevered volume of the first floor of the official offices to breathe. Although these volumes frame the plot on three of its sides, the fourth is flanked by the car park for non-official vehicles as a parking lot, which will be covered by canopies.

The entire project follows a structural regime based on a homogeneous mesh of 5.20 x 5.20 meters on each side, in such a way that it makes the project acquire a harmony in its proportions both in plan and elevation.

The entire plot is configured in three platforms overlapping each other and linked by ramps. Each platform is elevated one meter from the previous one in such a way that it bridges the existing gap in the plot, where the different volumes are located. On these platforms it is worth noting that the accesses are located, the first access on the façade that has the most free space in the urban fabric, where the general access for vehicles and pedestrian access are located, while, on the highest platform, on the eastern border, there is a private access only for private vehicles of the families that live in the pavilions. In this way, what we obtain is a spatial independence between private vehicles from homes and the rest through this height difference.

Visually and constructively, the building is generated through those volumes that adapt to the plot, creating a very heterogeneous and non-monotonous parade ground on the inside. As the project has a certain volumetric "richness", it is intended that the construction system be unitary and simple with very light colors, which will be in contrast with the opening of holes, established through aluminum profiles that run through the entire volume in a exterior, in the form of large vertical slats.

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