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Customs Cooperation Center, Spain - Portugal.


Due to the irregularity of the plot and its complex geometry, it is proposed to create a building that colonizes the first plot in its entirety, leaving the rear plot for an outdoor parking lot. According to the regulations, we must leave a setback of 4 meters on the sides, which makes the geometry of the plot narrower in longitudinal proportions and a much more “tortuous” geometry appears. Based on the restrictions of the plot in terms of its setbacks, a solution based on the colonization of the plot through programmatic bodies that adapt to said setback lines is proposed.

These boxes are arranged on the plot in line with a central corridor that distributes the entire program, leaving between box and box an opening in the form of a crack to indirectly introduce light into the internal distributor corridor, with the aim of creating a friendly and not narrow. The "programmatic boxes" are distributed according to functions of the needs program, in such a way that an easy reading of the interior spaces can be made. These spaces are distributed from the most public to the most private as you advance along the distribution corridor, in such a way that the spaces destined for offices and official dependencies are in the first part of the building, leaving in the rear part of it the technical spaces, and at the end of the whole, as the end of the corridor, the covered parking.

A first floor is established, at the beginning of the building and which corresponds to the offices of the security forces, in such a way that the offices are divided into two heights joined by a linear staircase with two consecutive sections. This staircase, which is inserted in a void, not only unites the two proposed floors, but also serves as separate elements from the circulatory corridor and the office spaces, with the aim of providing a minimum of privacy.
These boxes are to be given a large unit, for which a large continuous roof is created that adapts to the height of the building according to interior needs, since there will be areas that have two floors while in other areas there will only be one plant, but with different height proportions according to needs.

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