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Socio - Health Center - Plasencia, Spain.


When we speak and hear the word hospital, we always come to mind, soulless, white spaces and places, without any personality, with long and labyrinthine corridors and generally poorly marked, with a hierarchy of spaces, little visible to the user and sporadic visitors. They are spaces that simply intend to create the function for which they are intended without taking into account the user himself.

The claim that we face in this project is very high but vital for the good mental comfort of patients and is to avoid looking like a hospital, drowning the characteristics previously described. But… What are we supposed to do so that it doesn't look like a hospital, but in turn works like one? This is the first question that we ask ourselves, which does not lead us to delve into the physical characteristics of a hospital: Very long corridors, without character or personality, tiny rooms that mostly open onto interior courtyards with little lighting, cornered waiting rooms in excess corners, with food carts through the corridors creating bad smells and all of this seasoned with the walls crushed by the passage of wheelchairs and stretchers.

We want to discard all these elements in the new building creating a center where everything is done for and by the user. We want it to be a place where the law of optimism is governed, where you want to live or it is not a trauma to be receiving treatment there. The building is based on providing comprehensive accessibility, physical autonomy, mental safety, physical and mental comfort and respect for individual privacy, facilitating access for visitors as much as possible.

Given that patients are limited, we set ourselves the task of designing a diversified building, almost as if it were a small city with its three neighborhoods (with streets, squares, gardens, public services and residential neighborhoods that can be isolated ... or not) . We strive to create an environment that allows patients to have as much autonomy as possible but in constant vigilance. We make all this possible through certain functional considerations and programmatic decisions that lead us to the building's design process and its functional and geometric resolution.

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