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Concert hall - Nuremberg, Germany.


The new building does not pretend to adhere to the existing one in an implicit way, but rather the opposite. It pretends to have an own identity, but with a strong geometric relation between both. With this we establish a better urban environment where the accesses become more fluid towards the two buildings and share a much more sustainable urban environment adapted to the needs of the city.

We do not want a homologous building, nor repeat what already exists. The new concert hall must be a project with a strong and elegant personality. Its imprint, its urban position with respect to the existing building, its clear international projection, are reasons that must be evaluated to achieve a piece of strong temperament, clean, direct, but very intense.

The proposal is based on creating an architectural space with a series of architectural strategies that articulate the two elements, but which in turn are totally opposed. We seek to create an antithesis between the two buildings to create a dialogue between them and that in turn articulate the urban space in a fluid and versatile way. These project strategies are the following:

1.- Square volume - Oval volume: A volume with an oval shell shape is established, which includes the entire auditorium box to create an acoustic mattress to the outside and give a greater prominence to the main element of the architectural intervention.

2.- Compact - Fragmented: Creation of a project proposal in which it is intended to stop the robustness and solidity of the original project and create a lightweight, weightless and weightless element through the fragmentation of spaces

3.- Unitary - Multiple: The existing, gives the building a compactness and hermeticity, which is intended to shamelessly break with our performance, creating a proposal based on different sounding boxes that are inserted into the oval shell.

4.- An internal patio - several external patios: In front of the only existing patio, the strategy of subtracting said patio volumetrically to the solid capable of the building is established in order to create different spaces of contemplation

5.- Unilateral vision - Multilateral vision: Unlike the original building which closes inwards, we intend to create a building that opens outwards, creating different visions in all senses and denying the unilateral vision that the current building possesses.

6.- Horizontal - Vertical: It is bet on a dialogue between the two buildings of opposites in terms of section, where the verticality of the project is rewarded against horizontality, in order to leave as much urban space as possible.

7.- White and static - black and dynamic: Opposite to a purely white and striated element, we propose a black and smooth object which will irradiate the musical waves that are produced inside through veins and reflections on the surface of it.

Exterior 2
Exterior 1
Interior 2
Interior 1
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