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960 Social Hpusing - Málaga, Spain.


The KCP is a massive building, robust, with a large presence on the esplanade where it stands. The large amount of glass does not do it great favor to lose that robustness due to the color of the own carpentry and the glass.

LIDOJEM is the name received by this corpulent mass whose meaning resembles a great structure that can accommodate a mass of people, and it is here where lies the main idea of the project. We can not create an extension of a building without being stuck to it. They need each other and vice versa as if they were two beings that live in symbiosis. We want a project in which from now, it can not perceive the great mass as a solitary entity. That is why a great structure is created that can accommodate a great mass of people, but changing the rules of the game. Our enlargement aims to be a light entity with buoyancy character. We want a symbiosis not a parasite. For this we disavow of the globalized and standardized architecture, of the modernity that does not have place.

The action is to create and give prominence to the facade of architecture, through a large deck which will safeguard all those activities for which it has been designed. We create a cover that in truth, are three covers superimposed and overlapping one with the other, which is supported by a double glass skin semi mirrored which gives that character of weightlessness desired in contrast to the robustness of the KCP.

Weightless, and lightness would be two adjectives that would well define this cover that although of simple idea owns a complex geometry, being this, the center of attention of the new extension. With this, we want to give a contrast to the robustness and massiveness of the existing building, creating a lightweight-massive counter-dialogue and endowing the whole of an ordered opposition.

For the urban and landscape action we have taken several considerations that we believe are primordial when it comes to regenerating the urban environment such as:

.- Modification of the circulatory scheme and giving access to the complex of the congress center and surrounding neighborhoods eliminating the  tortuous scheme of rolling circulation which is produced by the difference in height between the East and West of the main axis. We propose to divert the traffic only by a branch towards the East and another towards on the West, eliminating any type of connection to different high and suppressing the current automobile rolling.

.- Creation of a more accessible and natural system for citizens and pedestrians through a boulevard endowed with two lanes in each direction, divided by a green area of ​​considerable width that invites people to walk through it

.- The consolidation of the Park as a structuring element of the urban reorganization in the environment and as a unique element of the city putting in value the second entrance to the enlargement through the landscape performance. We create elements in the form of large vegetable esplanades which result from the projection and continuity of the roof geometry.

Exterior 01
Exterior 02
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