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"We think from the inside out and vice versa constantly and repeatedly, as the creative process that defines us, seeking excellence through new technologies, new thought processes and sustainability committed to the planet.
Our focus is to create an architecture that contributes to the well-being of society in all its areas, through a design consistent with the real problems of the purpose, understanding the client's needs, providing added value to projects, places and society."

 - Edu Lopez -

Get to Know Us

Edu Lopez Architects, is an architectural design studio based in Madrid, Spain, offering diversified services including architectural design, urban planning and interior design. Since its founding in 2012 by Edu López, the firm is involved in rigorous design and research that produces innovative and emblematic buildings and urban environments.

The mission of Edu Lopez Architects is to offer exceptional design ideas and solutions through the creative combination of human needs, environmental management, value creation, science and art, through associated companies specialized in different fields, with projects that vary in scale from residential, institutional, and civic buildings to large urban and landscape projects. Edu Lopez Architects' approach is to use digital tools and technologies, contemporary theory, innovative construction practices, advances in engineering solutions and environmental sustainability, which have provided our practice with a broad perspective on all aspects related to with architectural design and urban planning, responding to the social, cultural and technological changes of modern life.

With each project, the firm explores new ways to integrate an organizational idea with the programmatic and functional essence of a building. We do not impose a style on different places and climates, but rather we pursue the unique character of architecture depending on the different factors that influence it in time, place and needs, becoming the starting point of an architectural idea.

Design Philosophy


The firm was founded with the thought that design has the power to transform our lives, our culture and our societies. With a holistic vision of all the components, needs and context of our clients, we achieve that the design of the spaces is resolved in a creative and innovative way, solving complex problems and transforming the problems of our clients into solutions with logic and criteria to through design. The firm's work arises from an understanding of the client's needs and objectives based on cultural, technological and social systems with a very marked artistic perspective, in all its areas, but not associated with a specific style. Our goal is not to create buildings, but meaningful experiences in terms of spaces and sensations for a wide and diverse audience.

We rely on the cultural identity of the place where the project will be created, as a primary element of creation, acquiring in all projects, elements that reflect the culture of the society where the project is established.



In all its projects, Edu Lopez Architects constantly investigates new materials, techniques and cutting-edge technologies, as well as innovative approaches to sustainability and the environment. With this we seek the best possible quality in all project processes using technology and tools to improve communication, as well as the association with the best specialized companies with which we associate, creating a constant flow of work between all members, creating value added to projects.

We completely reject a symmetrical and unilateral approach to work, due to the transformation of economic, social, technological and geocultural aspects. Therefore, we opt for multidiversity, where many human components come into action that work collaboratively in the development of the entire project process, adopting a multidimensional and interdisciplinary approach that multiplies the tools to solve problems.



We seek in our projects a strong attachment to the international and local tradition of each project, with the aim of incorporating the latest methods and technologies in the design and construction process to create the greatest comfort for its occupants. To do this, we carry out a strong analysis of the geoenvironmental parameters of each location, which are incorporated from the first design phases. At the same time, we aim to reduce long-term space maintenance costs, reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste and negative environmental impacts during the construction process, and reduce CO2 emissions. In collaboration with our clients and expert consultants, we carefully evaluate the unique attributes of each project to make the best decisions to optimize the design by integrating the most appropriate sustainable design strategies.

The office has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and energy balance, understanding that spaces behave as a living system.

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