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New Civil Guard Headquarter

Location: Ceuta, Spain

Date: Aug 2021 - Mar 2022

Typology: Office, housing.

Size: 28.335 sqm

Status: Under COnstruction

Client: Spanish Civil Guard.

Collaborators: Torné Engineering,, Ángel Hernandez Parejo. José Angel Perez Benedicto, Luis Miguel Alejaldre Martinez, Jose Julio Diaz, Rocio Acedo, Sandra Lanza

A land management system that establishes a direct connection with the sea

The plot is made up of two platforms with an intermediate embankment limited to the north with a brick fence that separates it from the San Amaro neighborhood. The only existing construction is a small rationalist style building that has been preserved after the demolition of the buildings that existed on the plot. This building is protected by regulations as part of the city's Architectural and Monumental Heritage.

The proposal proposes the creation of two platforms in a position similar to those currently existing on the plot, where the two main buildings will be located. The office building will be located on the lower platform, more closely linked to the city, while the 120 homes will be located on the upper platform, with better views and facing the sea.


Housing Exterior view

The residential building is made up of a longitudinal panel with a North-South component that occupies practically the entire size of the plot in this area.
It consists of six raised floors intended entirely for housing and two basement floors for parking and facilities and service rooms. The longitudinal block is divided into two blocks for housing, which are separated by the communications cores and interior patios. In this way, all the homes have a double East-West orientation, to the outside and to the interior patio. The tablet is divided into five blocks made in continuity and each one constitutes a housing block with its own core of vertical communications. The homes are located on the ground floor and five upper floors and have a varied composition in terms of size.


Office Exterior view

The official office building is presented in three rectangular bodies with a marked north-south alignment and consisting of three floors, those located in the center and on the left in the direction of access, and two floors, the one located on the right. They are connected by a transverse tablet of two heights provided with evident permeability and placed perpendicular to the three previous bodies. This tablet extends on the ground floor to the other side of the lateral blocks on the ground floor, accentuating its transversality. The proposal for this transversal body contains both vertical communication elements and spaces intended for horizontal circulation between blocks and spaces intended for facilities and services.


Office Aerial view

The vertical communications, three in number, are located at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal blocks. The three longitudinal blocks have different lengths, those located at the ends extending towards the access area, while the one located in the center is formalized as a block supported on the transverse body and cantilevered with respect to it, maintaining the desired permeability on the ground floor. for this transversal body and which is the designated place for access to the building.


Aerial view

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