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Job sheet

We want to create a building that is recognized quickly and visual the brand identity of the company. For them we have relied on two premises. The first is the translation of the geometry of the garden and the whole plot to the vertical plane on the facades creating a vibration. The second premise is the historical recovery of the company, so that each floor has a different geometry, which corresponds geometrically with the first section to be built in each of the subway lines. So we can say that each plant is a return to the past of each subway line.

This configuration of plants, causes in the façade a zigzag so that a plant leaves from another one, breaking the scale of the building and blurring the number of plants. That zigzag is also reflected in the sections of the project, displayed as overlapping boxes where timely, they align to create incoming and outgoing spaces depending on the sunlight of the building. With these guidelines a volume of glass is constructed, whose own form plus holes that are created in the interior, protected from direct sunlight climatic disadvantages.

An office should not become a simple arrangement of spaces, plants or boxes with closed and sealed applications. Program must satisfy two conditions: The first is the change of use throughout the history of the building, which is resolved through the proposed structural system and the second one is the interaction between people and building users, resolved through accessibility between spaces.

We want to look for an office landscape, the rugged structure more spacious and efficient, which can rely on a rigid core without intermediate pillars that would make the plant configuration. For each plant have a self-supporting box with a perimetrical structure, which rests on the immediately below. It would add a rigid concrete core having communication elevator, evacuation and services that make every plant operates independently as RACs, toilets, cleaning room... All this, is modulated in the longitudinal axis to 3.25 m creating lights of a maximum of 9.75 m which are resolved with hollow core slabs to minimize the weight of the building and avoid placing intermediate pillars. By having a diaphanous space, each plant allows us to get a changing settings or modify them as appropriate as shown in the diagrams.

Offices, meeting rooms, are not the protagonists of this project, but they are the communication space and the open office. It is becoming more evident in the office, the creation of interaction spaces between users. We wanted to strengthen this logic through a ramp considerably wide element which is zigzagging in section and is uniting the different plants, so that the gaps are created fosters the relationship between employees and departments of the office through visual they formed from side to side of the ramp. By this we encourage cooperativeness between users and create rich interior spaces.

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