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New Civil Guard Headquarter

Location: Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain

Date: Apr 2023 - Dec 2023

Typology: Office,.

Size: 4.350 sqm

Status: Under COnstruction

Client: Spanish Civil Guard.

Collaborators: IDOM Consulting, Jose Julio Diaz, Rocio Acedo, Sandra Lanza, FErnando Hidalgo, Ángela Gallego

The adaptability of the building through the fragmented volumes in all directions, which create a unity.

The plot is surrounded by a tree mass throughout its perimeter, the project tries to adapt to all the voids that remain resulting from the intersection of said grove. This arises as the main idea of the project where the two building units are adapted throughout their perimeter to the existing vegetation, both in plan and elevation, in order to have volumes fully integrated into the urban situation. This is achieved thanks to the rotation of the buildings with respect to the orthogonality of the plot itself.


Exterior view

By rotating the buildings, with an exact North-South orientation, greater use of the plot is achieved, in terms of its surface implementation and adaptability to the immediate surroundings and perimeter of the same. In such a way that the volume will create inlets and outlets in plan and section, depending on the situation that exists in each part of the plot. This situation, which allows us to expand the project on the plot, both in the official office building and in the residential building, creates an urban void between both buildings, considered as a patio.


Exterior view

On the other hand, the homes, like the outbuildings, create that volumetric adaptability to the perimeter of the plot in such a way that in plan a “V” is formally created, like a parade ground. This is because the residential building, being taller than the outbuildings, casts a shadow against the parade ground to minimize the heat island that may occur in the building. In addition, it should be noted that in the building itself plot, a situation is created between the two volumes that help not to visually collapse the project, in such a way that when the two buildings are closer together, the outbuildings acquire a lower height, while when they are more separated, in that "V" , the two buildings acquire their maximum height, creating permeability between them.


Exterior view

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