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New Court Hall.

Location: Fuerteventura, Spain.

Date: Apr 2019 - Jun 2019

Typology: Office.

Size: 19.560 sqm

Status: International Competition

Client: Government of Canarias.


Buildings are no longer static objects that fulfill a function, but they are semi-living organisms which adapt to the needs of time.

The project is based on very specific premises that meet certain programmatic and urban planning criteria. The fact of having a plot area that in its entirety occupies the program and refers to the little margin that you have for its volumetric intervention, makes the project a formal challenge at high altitude. To this end, different consecutive actions are established, where a thorough reading of urban planning and urban planning regulations is essential to get the most out of the volume.
This project runs through an intervention line around a first understanding of "Building the Vacuum" - by resonance with the concept of vacuum in the plastic world developed at the end of the 20th century- All artistic practice arises from a vacuum, which is nothing and that, however, in the end, reaches a nothing that is everything
The spatial intent focuses basically on how to build a piece of 60 x 50 meters of plant, based on the constitution of a "empty" space of great presence linked to lightness, light and technology. For this, we will rely on the LINEAR FOLD resource, where different spatial events related to the functional program of the object in question and certain climatic considerations that are detailed below will be created.


Exterior view

 A linear fold that is enclosed in itself capturing a single volume with different perimeter openings (inclusions or exclusions). In this way, all the volume and the interior space captured is developed in relation to events of folds in the vertical plane and punctually in the horizontal.
So what would have been a volume created from a mere extrusion in height of the perimeter of the plot and that would have led to the realization of a compact and stubby volume with simple gaps, becomes what we call a "METAPHYSICAL BOX" remembering those sculptures made by the sculptor Jorge de Oteiza.


Exterior view

Thus, the project drills and excavates the solid volume, producing gaps based on the structuring of projective spaces. Our interest is focused, therefore, on the management and analysis of these projective spatial articulations. These joints are created from three singular elements and marked in color that make the volume adapt to the formal needs. This break in one of the facades allows us to break the monotony of a long facade like that of the project. Likewise, the other two elements serve as a link between the rest of the facades through the dematerialization of the corners in those facades that border on the most natural and least urban environment.
The attention of the new project is formally focused on the management, control, definition and perception of the resulting spaces that these operations entail. Occupied by a bordering plot with perimeter accesses on three of its sides, the characteristics of the site and the program give it a certain independence from the rest of future and contiguous buildings, both in use, and in character, escaping from the peculiar image of offices.


Interior view


Interior view

The project is thus understood with that box with its own character and identity in which it operates with empty and full projected towards the interior that stresses the box, generating spaces of varying scale and quality, as the regulations and the surface leave.
Thus two of the main gaps, one of horizontal character and the other of vertical character, face in opposite facades to mark the accesses to the building. These accesses are evident by the gaps that are generated inside, well reflected in the external volume.
All the volumetric actions that have been raised have a direct implication in the interior program and its operation, as well as when it is increased in volume in the form of outgoing bodies, they serve to create offices or rooms of greater dimensions, when the operation is carried out. Inverse serves us as solar self-protection of the building to certain specific spaces. Nothing is left to chance, since there is a meticulous studio of the functional program and its climatic, environmental and technological qualities, to create the best position in the plant of the same and that has direct repercussions on the created volume.

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