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New Civil Guard Headquarter.

Location: Santa Marta de Tormes, Spain

Date: Feb 2021 - Nov 2022

Typology: Office

Size: 1.800 sqm

Status: Completed

Client: Spanish Civil Guard.

Collaborators: Abalo Arquitectos, Juan Carlos Jimeno (Construction), José Julio Díaz, Rocio Acedo, Sandra Lanza

The interpretation of the play of volumes that are combined with each other to generate the interior spaces and accesses.

The dependencies building will consist of three floors above ground and one below ground, where the last floor will be used for two houses that the program determines should be done in the first phase. This fact has not carried out this action and not to build two isolated houses, since in the future, when the residential building is planned and built, it would be difficult to house it within the plot with the two houses already built. For this reason, it was decided to incorporate the two houses in the barracks building itself.


Exterior view

The three floors of the building have different geometries to create an interplay of volumes, which, to the outside view and perception, seem as if they were inserted one with the other. Actually the first and second floors, their geometry is the same but placed symmetrically and rotated one with respect to the other, and the third floor acquires a cutout on the second.


Exterior view

The image of the building is based on creating a hollow with a vertical proportion from floor to ceiling in all those spaces that require lighting, while in the work spaces and offices themselves large windows are created, which are, on the one hand, framed by a small projection of 50 cm around its perimeter, and on the other hand, protected by horizontal anodized aluminum slats, lacquered in the corporate green color of the Civil Guard, so that maintenance is very low.


Exterior view


Access corner detail

Corner detail


Exterior view

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